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Introductory Session – eWarrants


Building Your Team
Clerk of Court and Deputy Registrar Committee
Driver’s License Reinstatement Clinic-Licking County Muni Court
Leadership and Project Information
Ohio Pooled Collateral System
Protecting Public Funds with Positive Pay
Task Force to Examine the Ohio Bail System

Fingerprinting and Disposition Reporting to BCI:

Duty to Capture Fingerprints
Exhibit A-Escalating Misdemeanors
Exhibit B-Reportable Misdemeanors 109.572(A)(1)(a)
Exhibit C-Reportable Misdemeanors 109.572(A)(5)(a)
Exhibit D-Reportable Misdemeanors 109.572(A)(7)(a)
Exhibit E-Offenses of Violence 2901.01(A)(9)
Exhibit F-Reportable Misdemeanors 109.572(A)(8)(a)
Exhibit G-Reportable Misdemeanors 109.572(A)(10)(a)


Expedited Record Update Service-Higbee & Associates (updated 5-24-18)
BMV Reinstatement Presentation
LEADS Non-Terminal Agency Presentation
LEADS Non-Terminal Agency Presentation (notes)
Marsy’s Law Crime Victims Rights Presentation

Supreme Court of Ohio Protection Orders Presentation
OH Dept of Public Safety-Electronic Filing-Traffic Citations and Misdemeanor Summons
Trusteeship-Receivership-Rent Escrow-etc.



CONFERENCE QUESTION: Under which column on the Supreme Court Report (and, therefore, which case type) does a “Physical Control” case, whether it is the original charge or if it comes as a result of a plea bargain, should it be placed?

ANSWER: Tasha Ruth confirmed that any physical control whether it is an original charge or a reduction has always been and continues to be a TRC and is to be reported in Column C of the Supreme Court Report.

One of the topics was Social Media and the growing need to have a policy in place with which to deal with the mounting aspects Social Media brings to our workplace. We asked that any of us who has a Policy already in place, could you share that information so we can create or revise what we have currently.
Lisa Wilson, from the City of Dublin is the first to share her information. Thank you so much, Lisa! Social Media Policy

Another topic at the conference that garnered some lively conversation was on Human Resource issues…one of which involved employee attendance issues.
Greg Brush has shared his Attendance Policy that is attached hereto. Thanks much to Greg…this piece may have some bits within that could help many of us… Attendance Policy

Another Friday morning Q&A topic was the posting of a bond and how/what each of us requires when a bond is posted. During that discussion, Clerk Cindy Dinovo from Delaware explained that her court requires an affidavit from the person who posts a 10% bond. That affidavit describes how the poster will be able to post the remaining 90% of the bond should the need arise.

There was much discussion as to the handling of that 90% and as a result of that discussion, we are hoping to have Judge Liston speak to us at our Spring Meeting on this and some other controversial subjects.

Attached is Delaware’s Bond form for your viewing pleasure. It was their magistrate who created the attached pursuant to his research. Delaware Bond Form




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