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Elected Clerk Online Membership Form

2024 OAMCCC Elected Clerk Online Membership Form

This membership form is for 2024 membership dues.

Dues for Office Membership


Dues for Associate Members (NON-Clerk's Office Staff)

$75 each 

Court Information

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Clerk Information

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Contact Person Information

Let us know the information for a contact person in your office, if you wish to designate someone other than yourself.

Associate Members and Titles (if applicable)

ALL EMPLOYEES OF THE CLERK'S OFFICE ARE INCLUDED IN THE MEMBERSHIP. There is no longer a need to list employees that you want included in the membership. Only list NON-CLERK'S OFFICE INDIVIDUALS THAT YOU WANT TO INCLUDE, such as Court Administrators and employees of the probation department. There is a cost of $75 each to add non-clerk's office employees. If applicable, enter each person with their NAME and TITLE. Separate each person with a comma.

Enter the NAME and TITLE of each individual in the non-clerk's officethat you would like to be included in the membership.
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