FAQ’s April 2013: Safe Surrender Project, Retention of Pay Agreements, Decrease in Civil Filings, Bonding Agents Registration Requirements, Journal Entry Dismissing Fine & Costs, IT Vendors for Mayor’s Courts, Vehicle Forfeitures, County Law Library Distributions, Conflict (mediation) Attorneys, Court Costs for License Forfeitures & Blocks, Trusteeships, Authority to Waive Civil Costs (indegency), Traffic Tickets Written Under City Code, Court Administrator Job Description, Vacation Policies, Probable Cause Procedures, Borrow From One Fund/Pay Back From Another, Website Information, Fraudulent Business Scheme, Counterfeit Funds, Costs to Reactivate a Civil Case, Cost to File a Civil Motion, Dangerous Dogs, Case Management Software, Court Website Setup, Interpreter Fees Chargeable?

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